Thank you for helping to support a local family who has fallen on hard times to no fault of their own to have the Best Christmas Ever!
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    Thank you so much for spearheading this effort to make Christmas a memorable day for these families.

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    Watts insurance has always researched to give us the best deal possible. They are passionate about helping their customers!


Our team is pleased to announce that we have partnered with a local non-profit organization called Best Christmas Ever (BCE)! BCE started as a group of friends coming together in 2011 to help one family in need. The goal was to give a local family that has fallen on tough times due to no fault of their own the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! The goal each year for BCE is to expand the number of families they are able to bless by partnering up with local businesses who share their same values in giving back to the community. We have decided to partner with them in this effort and will be selecting a family to give a surprise BCE! The families chosen to receive the Best Christmas Ever are chosen from nominations (nominations can be submitted at Once we have selected a family from the nominations we will be putting up a gift tree at our BCE Tree Location! People will then be able to stop in and grab a gift tag and purchase a present for the selected family in need as well as donate here online! Please stop in, say hi and grab a gift tag. We cannot do this without the support of our community. Thanks in advance for your help! As always If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call me! Donation made to this page will go towards a life changing gift specific to our BCE family this year!